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Smiling Asian woman putting her clothes in a box

Organization Services

From closets to the whole house! We will help you organize your home to help organize your life!

Organization services start at $350/Day.


How many times do you go into a closet and can't find what you need? Band aids are not in the first aid kit, cotton balls everywhere, and the hand towels are thrown in anywhere they will fit? Let us come in and put some order in your closets!


The most common issue we see in the bedroom is clothing, whether it is stuffed in a drawer, hanging over a chair, or hanging out on the floor waiting for a smell check-- yuck! Every piece has a home, let us create a home for all your pieces!


Is your desk an organized mess? No order at all, but you know where everything is? Let us create an organizational system that cleans up your space and allows you to still know where everything is!


Let's be honest, we all have bottles and brushes on our bathroom vanity. Cords from our blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons hanging over the edge just waiting for someone to trip over-- most likely, you. A bathroom should be an oasis you walk into every day to start and end your day in peace. Give us the opportunity to provide you that peace.


"Oh the spice cabinet. No, the Tupperware drawer. Wait, the fridge!" This is usually the standard response to "What needs the most organization in your kitchen?". In reality, we all know, it's all of it. Creating order in a kitchen can be a daunting task for many people. We can come transform your kitchen into a chef's dream.

Basements, Attics, Garages

"I'll get to it next weekend." How many times have you said this knowing you will never actually get to it? These are the spaces that we will spend an entire weekend going through and still not finish or give up on because it is just too overwhelming. Could you use an extra hand and direction on what to do? We love these projects. Let us help! 

What Our Clients Say


Danielle Chesley

"I have 2 young kids with lots of toys that had taken on a life of their own. I was completely overwhelmed. Lisa came and helped me get our family and play room organized and cleaned. Lisa helped get the spaces back on track and it has been much easier to keep up with the spaces. I highly recommend her!"
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