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Clean Space

Virtual Services

From Boston to London to Melbourne to Buenos Aires! Wherever in the world you are, we can help give your space the organization and redecorating breath of fresh air you have been looking for! 

Virtual services start at $225.

How does it all work?

Interior Designer at Work



We begin with setting up a zoom call to get acquainted, learn what your needs are, tour the spaces you need organized or redesigned, and set a timeline, budget and plan.


Plan, Design, Shop

From the initial consult, we begin right away putting together a plan and design with the information given to us and then we design what the space will ideally look like. We check in with you for the "OK" and start shopping for the things you need to execute the project!



The moment we all have been waiting for! We will guide you through what to toss, what to keep, where to place things and how to label them! By the end of the project, you will have a brand new space that is clean, chic and put together in a way you always dreamed! 

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